High quality and low price sound absorbing panels

The Acoustic Slatted Timber Wall Panel range is a beautifully designed range of timber slatted decorative wall and panel panels with high quality acoustic performance. Our acoustic wood panels offer the same excellent sound absorption properties with a strong, contemporary design that enhances the look of any space.

The Natural Wood Collection is crafted with luxury quality, smooth wood finishes. Baked strips with a clean, modern look are mounted on a uniquely designed, restorable acoustic felt material.

Our innovative slatted wood siding designs bring endless professional uniform look and style to your home. Our wooden slats are made from MDF material. Both are designed for easy DIY installation and quick, superior lifetime durability.

These panels are unfinished so we recommend adding a decorative surface to protect the wood. Applying a decorative surface also allows you to change the color in any way you choose.

These acoustic slatted wood wall panels also have a variety of uses: in addition to walls, they are used to upgrade ceilings, back balances, headboards and even curves. Our sound-absorbing panels have many corners for you to choose from, including technical veneer, natural veneer, melamine paper and PVC film. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, with many options and functions. We have undergone professional testing and have test reports that can prove the professionalism and quality of our products. You can rest assured that our products can achieve the results you want.


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