About Company

DEGE is One-Stop Supplier of Your Floors and Walls Solutions.

It was established in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province in 2008, Focusing on the research, development, production and sales of flooring and wall materials.


  • Outdoor WPC Composite Decking

    Traditional wood-plastic flooring is the simplest and most basic product at present. Customized specifications and colors are acceptable. It has a wide range of use but its service life is not as good as that of the second-generation and higher-end products in the industry. Price is the biggest a...

  • What is PU Stone?

    We first analyze its original components. The Chinese interpretation of PU is polyurethane, the full name of polyurethane, which is the general name of macromolecular compounds containing repeating carbamate groups on the main chain. It is composed of organic diisocyanates. Polyisocyanate and dih...

  • Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels

    Effortlessly transform any space with authentic wood slat wall paneling from our DEGE wall panels. Our skilled design experts craft our soundproof wood panels from veneered lamella strips and acoustic felt backing. These high-quality, durable materials ensure your wooden acoustic panels bring you...

  • PS(Polystyrene) Interior Decorative Wall Panel

    PS 3D wall panels are versatile, easy-to-install decorative panels made of polystyrene with 3D designs, ideal for adding texture and interest to walls with minimal maintenance.   Features of PS Decorative Wall Panel 1.Moisture-proof: perfect for hot and humid environment 2.Long Lasting: Rot-proof...





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