New Shape Wooden Slat Acoustic Panel

Our Wood Slat Wall Panels have a modern, innovative design and comprise genuine oak-veneer MDF slats on a sound-absorbing acoustic felt backing made up from recycled materials as part of our effort to promote eco-friendly products.
Designed for ease of installation by anyone with basic DIY skills our Wood Slat Wall Panels are ideal not just for standard, plain, vertical walls but can also be fitted to ceilings, in or around alcoves, around windows and can even be fitted to curved surfaces.
The use of acoustic backing felt in our wood wall panels not only enhances sound absorption but also reflects our strong commitment to environmental sustainability.
Whether for your home or office, or even public spaces, these wood panels for walls are very easy to install with basic DIY skills will improve the look and sound of any room where you want stylish aesthetics combined with effective sound absorption, from music studios to conference rooms, movie theaters to home theaters, or instrument practice rooms to gaming rooms. Beyond this, the sound absorption qualities of these wood wall panels is remarkably efficient and effective.
You can see our new shape type and we can also customize for you.


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Apr 23rd-Apr 27th, 2024((Phase 2))

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