WPC Wall Panel

Our WPC wall panel is of high quality and low price. It is synthesized from plastic and calcium powder. It contains the flexibility of plastic and the reinforcement after the addition of calcium powder. We use very good quality PVC film, which gives the WPC wall panels a rich and neat appearance. We also have many colors that can be customized for you. These different colored membranes can give your house a unique look. Additionally, you can choose the type and design to give your house a unique exterior look that sets your house apart from others. WPC wall panel can be matched with all types of furniture and decorations. It is waterproof and antibacterial. It can be fast installed and can also brighten your dark room. Achieving a classic aesthetic, our WPC wall panels bring a timeless sense of rustic warmth to your interior. For those seeking a decorative interior, WPC wall panels offer timeless charm. Both are available in many types of materials and finishes to suit the look you envision. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to work with you. You can also click on our official website to view more details.


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May 28-30 , 2024

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