Upgrade Your Indoor Walls With This Trendy Multi-dimensional Look We’re Seeing Everywhere

‘re inspired. We’re in awe. We’re in LOVE. Quarantine has brought out the interior designer in all of us. We’re re-decorating, and painting. We’re upgrading our bedding and at home offices. We’re getting really creative with our DIY projects. But this trendy indoor WPC wall design has us feeling some sort of way.


As with any interior design trend, there are levels of just how far we can take it. From full walls, to half to tiny little inlets, every which way we see these slat wall installations, it’s perfection. We’ve rounded up our favorite wood slat wall looks to inspire your next home renovation project. We’ve even found a few DIY projects that you can follow step-by-step to make it happen on your own. 


Post time: Aug-03-2022