Why Most of People Choose SPC Flooring?


SPC stone plastic floor is made of polymer polyvinyl chloride and resin as the main raw materials. After high-temperature plasticization of the extruded sheet, the four rollers calender and heat the color film decorative layer and the wear-resistant layer, and are processed by a water-cooled UV coating paint production line. It does not contain heavy metal formaldehyde and harmful substances, and it is 100% environmentally friendly floor without formaldehyde.

As a new type of ground decoration material, SPC stone-plastic floor is growing at a very high rate every year and is used in many fields such as kindergartens, schools, hospitals, subways, gymnasiums, buses, and airports. SPC floor has great advantages over other floor decoration materials, and has been widely recognized and applied in the field of tooling.

Both SPC floor and hardwood floor are safe, but the price is not the same level. The price of solid wood floor is relatively high. The price of SPC floor is more suitable for the general public and more close to the people. SPC floor is easy to lay, no keel is needed, no warping, no seam, no abnormal noise.

The advantage of hardwood flooring is that it is high-grade and more elastic, which is in line with the experience that many people have cultivated for many years. However, due to the characteristics of the wood material itself, it is very easy to wear and get damp, and it will appear bulging and cracks if used for a long time. , It is very inconvenient to replace and repair.

The SPC floor has many advantages, such as high environmental protection; waterproof and moisture-proof; insect and mothproof; high fire resistance; good sound absorption; no cracking, no deformation, no thermal expansion or contraction; low price; easy installation Maintenance; does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, heavy metals, phthalates, and methanol. The disadvantage of SPC is that the density is relatively heavy, and the transportation cost is relatively high; the thickness is relatively thin, so there are certain requirements for the flatness of the ground in comparison.

The construction of SPC stone plastic floor is easier, the construction period is shortened, and the processing cost is low. The foot feels comfortable, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling. The material is light, especially suitable for the reconstruction of high-rise buildings or old houses, and the weight is 1/20-1/30 of the weight of the stone of the same area. SPC has better interchangeability, chromatic aberration, and pattern stability more stable than stone. The color is rich, the decoration is stronger, and the color selection is wider. Floor noise is lower than stone, walking is safer, and can create a better living environment for users.

Post time: Aug-31-2021