3 Unique Interior WPC Wall Panels Design Ideas

The wall panel is composed of decorative strips, wall panels, and modeling details, and extends along the horizontal length of the wall unit. It is an ideal choice for the decoration of entrances, stairs, and corridors, as well as restaurants, bathrooms, and social areas.

Ideas for bathroom indoor WPC wall panels

The bathroom wall panel project is a good traditional style. Unlike ordinary tiles, the wall panel brings a more luxurious feeling to your bathroom.


Ideas for dining room interior WPC wall claddings

Installing siding in your restaurant is one of the most influential upgrades you can complete. Wall panels will add a luxurious feel to your restaurant to improve your dining experience.


When you consider the direction in which the wall panels of the restaurant will develop, you can choose the traditional style. This is the most formal room or area in your home. Choose the style and decoration as classic as possible.

A rule of thumb to remember on traditional siding is that it should occupy one-third of the height of the wall. In other words, if your ceiling is 9 feet high, the top railing of the siding should reach 3 feet. This is the simplest and most appealing design rule to keep in mind.

Ideas for stair Interior wood plastic wall panels

Since the early days, formal staircase wall panels have been the main material for early-style houses. They left a deep impression. Create design features from practical staircases, whether it is a large staircase at the main entrance or a small space where a little wall panel can be used.


Post time: Aug-01-2022