100% Waterproof Bathroom Wall Panels Cladding – Wood Texture

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What is Wall Panels Cladding Advantage ?

1. Green and environmental protection

The raw materials used in the surface of the product are environmentally friendly materials. The installed room is environmentally friendly and tasteless. If the room is decorated as a whole, there is no painting process. This solves the problem of decoration material time and paint smell. If you install it today, you can move in tomorrow, which greatly saves time.

2, easy installation

Compared with the traditional decoration materials, the integrated wall panel can be installed very quickly. The traditional wall surface needs to be repeatedly painted with putty powder and paint, while the integrated wall panel generally only needs to be installed directly. The wall does not need any treatment and can be installed directly. In the rough house.

3, waterproof and moisture-proof

The humid climate in the south makes the room more humid. The walls with ceramic tiles or paint will show a lot of water stains, and the integrated wall panel can keep the process dry for a long time.

4, easy to scrub without deformation

The polyurethane composite technology used in the integrated wall surface has the effect of no deformation and no aging after the product is formed. The integrated wallboard is processed by high-temperature coating process, which has excellent waterproof and moisture-proof functions. The stains can be removed only by gently scrubbing, and it is relatively simple to clean.


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Interior Wpc Wall Panel and SPC Wall Panel Effect picture for Background Wall

What is pvc panel?

With the development of science and technology, interior decoration materials are becoming more and more high-end and diversified. Among them, the development of panels is more outstanding, and a special panel-PVC PANEL is derived, which has many names, such as wpc pvc panel, fast install wpc wall panel and so on, the product is a new type of wall decoration material made with pvc material as the raw material and the surface film process. At present, pvc wall panels are gradually replacing traditional wall building materials. The appearance of wall panels can be shaped in various ways. The most common methods are decoration techniques such as decorative filming and 3D printing.

PVC PANEL can be divided into V and flat seams in the joints. The back is designed with flat plates and anti-slip grooves. The width is 400mm and 600mm.

Advantages of Pvc Wall Panel, to meet the use of commercial and domestic places:
1. Environmental protection, energy saving, reusable, 100% free of formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients.
2. Moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, fire-proof and insect-proof.
3. Strong hanging power, single-point hanging 30kgs, can be used for hanging load in various occasions.
4. Beautiful and easy to clean and maintain.
5. Good toughness, light weight, length can be cut arbitrarily without loss and waste
6. One-piece molding, easy to install, short construction period, no requirement for construction environment.


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Product name Interior Wpc Wall Cladding
Brand DEGE
Hs code 3925900000
Model  Wood Texture Wall Panels
Size  400*8mm
Lenghth 2.8 Meter or or Customized
Surface Pvc Film Laminated
Material SPC: Stone Pvc Composite.PVC resin powder, light calcium powder and other auxiliary materials
Color Oak,Gold, Mahogany, Teak, Cedar, Red , Classic grey, Black walnut
Minimum order Full 20ft Container , 500 meters per Color
Package Standard canton
Water absorption Less than 1%
Flame- retardant level Level B
Payment term 30%T/T in advance,remainder 70% paid before shipment
Delivery period Within 30 days
Remark The color and the size can be changed according to customer request







Hotels, commercial buildings, hospital, schools, home kitchen, bathroom, interior decoration and so on
1) Dimensional stability, longevity, natural feel
2) Resistance to rot and crack
3) Stable over a wide temperature range, weather-resistant
4) Moisture resistant, low flame spread
5) High impact resistant
6) Outstanding screw and nail retention
7) Environmentally friendly, recyclable
8) Broad range of finished and appearance
9) Easily produced and easily fabricated
10) Contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives


A. 100% Waterproof
B. Environmental Friendly
C. Sound Absorbing
A. 100% Waterproof


B. Environmental Friendly


C. Sound Absorbing


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    about17Wall Panel Installation

    parts-(8) parts-(1)parts (7)

    Way 1: Nail the wall panel directly to the wall through the metal cllip

    Way 2: Install the keel on the wall first, and directly nail the wall panel to the keel through the metal clip


    Way 3: Nail the wall panel to the wall directly with an air nail gun

    about17Wall Panel Accessories Design and Installation

    parts (5) 1 2

    Installation tips:

    Fix the Pvc Buckle on the wall first, then snap the accessories into the pvc Buckle

    Characteristic Test Specification and Result
    Squareness ASTM F2055 – Passes – 0.020 in. max
    Size and Tolerance ASTM F2055 – Passes – +0.015 in per linear foot
    Thickness ASTM F386 – Passes – Nominal +0.006 in.
    Flexibility ASTM F137 – Passes – ≤1.1 in., no cracks or breaks
    Dimensional Stability ASTM F2199 – Passes – ≤ 0.025 in. per linear foot
    Heavy Metal Presence / Absence EN 71-3 C — Meets Spec​. ​(Lead, Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury and Selenium)​.
    Smoke Generation Resistance EN ISO 9239-1 (Critical Flux) Results 9.2
    Smoke Generation Resistance, Non-Flaming Mode EN ISO
    Flammability ASTM E648- Class 1 Rating
    Residual Indentation ASTM F1914 – Passes – Average less than 8%
    Static Load Limit ASTM-F-970 Passes 1000psi
    Requirements for Wear Group pr EN 660-1 Thickness Loss 0.30<I<0.60 prEN 660-2 Volume Los 7.6<F <15.0
    Slip Resistance ASTM D2047 – Passes – > 0.6 Wet, 0.6 Dry
    Resistance to Light ASTM F1515 – Passes – ∧E ≤ 9
    Resistance to Heat ASTM F1514 – Passes – ∧E ≤ 9
    Electrical Behavior (ESD) EN 1815: 1997 2,0 kV when tested at 23 C+1 C
    Underfloor Heating Suitable for installing over under floor heating​.
    Curling After Exposure to Heat EN 434 < 1.8mm pass
    Recycled Vinyl Content Approximately 40%
    Recyclability Can be recycled
    Product Warranty 10-Year Commercial & 15-Year Residential
    Floorscore Certified Certificate Provided Upon Request
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